Another Living Shadow


What would a painting say if it could speak

As warm and familiar as a Norman Rockwell print- capturing the traditional everyday life of the Mathews family at a traditional thanks giving celebration, we see a large gathering, a coming together of many diverse personalities that make up a family, we all arrive at the same place but we are not the same, we are not equal and not everyone is thankful.

The big picture is open to individual interpretation

By all accounts Jack Mathews has done a great job raising his kids to adulthood and they are in turn doing much the same for their own. Dan has been fortunate to be able to achieve a level of success that has enhanced his career but also provided much needed research and medical breakthroughs that will soon open many doors to the dark world of the unknown- medically speaking. The brain is much like the planet , much of it remains a mystery and is uncharted, all this soon may start to change if he has anything to say about it, and thankfully he does.

Ultimate advances cost the ultimate price..

As a leading Neurologist, and surgeon, where do you go when things begin to go very wrong with you and there is no one qualified to answer your questions. Dan will slowly realize that there is something very very wrong with him and with no way to identify it there is no way to treat it and no way he can let his family know...They will find out so keeping things hidden is a temporary plan, but putting more effort into his research drives him like never before.

"Another Living Shadow",  coming soon.