Chalk Outline these Thoughts


A short one liner view from the road as I am stuck in traffic

I would often find my mind wondering in many different directions all at once when I was stuck in traffic on my long commute to work and would have notable thoughts from time to time, a friend of mine began to write them down- thus book 1 was created- by accident -like penicillian...

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  “Chalk outline these thoughts”Robert Standish Copyright © 2013 Robert StandishAll Rights Reserved. ISBN: 978-0-9881440-5-7 (Kindle Edition) Published by edytha - - Toronto, Ontario, Canada This collection is dedicated to everyone that has never taken the time to write down the brief moments of clarity. How To Cope With A Planet That’s Trying To Kill You
Patience is the hardest lesson for most to learn, but if done right, it offers the greatest rewards.
Failure is everyone’s right.Failure is the easiest thing anyone can do; the guaranteed way is to quit.
True signs of getting older – seeing, hearing and smelling things that are not there.
Aging is nature’s way of streamlining your usefulness.
The only way hell works is if you are aware of your reality.
Heaven and Hell are interpretations of a concept that is described for us to better perceive in our own way, based on nothing tangible. The interesting part is that the reward and punishment is based on our mortal understanding of an immortal concept which we don’t even understand or can prove.
The ultimate truth only exists where the sun shines the brightest.
If you don’t stand for anything you will fall for nothing.
Justice is never served by a life sentence; when there is no way to measure the potential of the life lost by the one that replaces it.
Love is blind, but it does not look away. Without a glance it can stare you right in the face.
Just because you are holding hands doesn’t mean you are both walking in the same direction.
Your imagination is the limit to your own immortality.
We have been playing God for so long that we don’t even see the tragedy we create.
Progress happens when a question answered only brings on more questions.
We only offer limited help to someone else’s cause.
Life is only good depending on your perspective.

Religion and science will prove there is an afterlife and it will be based on the simplest of principals. If the energy cannot be destroyed only converted then science must discover how to identify what the energy is converted to after it goes beyond our ability to see it. Religion will be there to help us cope with the findings.