Chalk Outline Volume 2


Chalk Outline These Thoughts Volume 2More Quotes from behind the wheelI say quotes from behind the wheel because in many if not almost all cases the quotes come to me when I am driving and what that does for a morning commute would explain why I have a hard time arriving anywhere on time. This is a fact that can be verified by all that know me. As we go through our day to day lives I am often confronted by thoughts, analytical observations and personal theories. What we have listed here is the result of many miles behind the wheel and missed meetings and upset family members left waiting as I am off to the side of the road making notes and keeping score of my observations. It is my hope that others will be comforted by the printed words found within or possible inspired and evoke a new way of thinking for all of us. This collection of thoughts was the true inspiration of a friend and I took it as a challenge to attempt to put into words the strange way I have of looking at the world around me and the events that take place every day, the true challenge came down to cutting out all the thoughts that are not fitting to the concept and theme of this collection of thought. Please enjoy and keep an open mind but above all never stop asking questions and hoping for greater answers.

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Thoughts inspired from a long everyday commute...

THere may be a third in the works

The thought process never ends and there is always another inspiring idea or innovation to be pursued....